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My Story

I have been in the beauty industry for 15 years and a professional makeup artist since 2018. Before that I was an Active Duty Army Nurse with my Master of Science in Nursing - Health Promotion. Skincare and cosmetics speak to me since I battled self-esteem debilitating acne growing up. While I'm located in North Alabama with a beautiful home studio in Madison... I also enjoy working on location!  I’m your go-to makeup artist for all headshots, family portraits, events, weddings and personal branding makeovers.


When I'm not MUA-ing I'm still not sitting down (lol). I love helping my daughter with her her extracurriculars; especially Girl Scouts - need any cookies?! Traveling the world with my husband is my absolute favorite hobby. Plus, each year I hike a 26.3 mile day on Pinhoti Trail and fundraise for Make A Wish. My other career life is as a Mary Kay Sales Director helping clients with their at-home skincare and makeup routines while mentoring 60+ Consultants in 13 states to do the same. The most surprising use of my spare time is dressing up as Princesses for events and birthday parties. I like to have what you call, a full plate! It keeps me young at heart and happy to do so much for other people.  In a nutshell I sell makeup, put makeup on people and wear princess makeup: When you think makeup, think Carly Jordan MUA. Let's connect to discuss  how we can make your dream look come to life!

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